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'Skill India' or Deskilling India

The "Skill India" mission will lead to the deskilling of India on a massive scale, compelling crores of skilled workers in the unorganised sector to work for even lower wages than at present. In the proposed Policy on National Education 2016, linked to Make in India through Skill India, we have the insidious design of exclusion with which today's Dronacharyas will appropriate the skills and the knowledge acquired by crores of Eklavyas, in order to advance the interest of the ruling classes and castes.

Open Letter to Judges

In 1997, while adopting the “Restatement of Judicial Values” (also called the Code of Conduct), the judges of the Supreme Court decided that each judge would declare her/his assets in confidence to the Chief Justice of India. This was reiterated in 1999 in a conference of Chief Justices.

BHOPAL COURT CASE- Victims Kept in Dark

February 8, 1986 However, even in these functions the standards have fallen There are very few detections and the police depend mostly on confessions for sending cases to the courts. Records are not maintained properly and in many police stations there are as many as 5,000 cases pending investigation for years. What is the use of blaming the judiciary for its time-consuming process in deciding cases when the police too are responsible for delaying the process by not investigating the cases promptly, he asked.

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