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Was Gandhi a Racist?

I would like to compliment Nishikant Kolge for the research embodied in his article “Was Gandhi a Racist? His Writings in South Africa” (EPW, 30 January 2016). I hope the article will enrich the debate on the subject.

Gandhi's Little-Known Critique of Varna

Gandhi's critics had argued at the time that he was carrying out his campaigns against untouchability, that it would go only when caste was destroyed. It is not generally known that Gandhi moved to this position in the mid-1940s. It is also generally understood that while Gandhi opposed untouchability and criticised caste, he defended 'varnavyavastha', the fourfold varna order. This is not entirely correct over the entire Gandhian trajectory. Gandhi's own critique of the varna order, which unfurled over time, is usually overlooked by scholars.

United Nations and the Iraq War-When the Salt Loses Its Savour

Recent disclosure about US intention at the beginning of the Gulf war raises serums questions about die UN Security Council's decision to delegate authority to power which would not have hesitated to make first use of nuclear weapons. When UN agencies by acts of omission and commission violate international law, who is to adjudicate?

The Hindutva Judgments-A Warning Signal

The supreme Court's s juagment in Manohar josni s case ana us observations about Hindutva in R Y Prabhoo 's case reflect a growing tendency towards appropriation of the BJP-RSS conceptual framework by state institutions. It is a warning to the secular and pluralistic tendencies in the country.

Viceroy Reading s Offer-Barmecide s Feast

Viceroy Reading's 'Offer' Barmecide's Feast Anil Nauriya The 'offer' by Viceroy Reading in 1921 for a round table conference to confer dominion status upon India was in fact a proposal by the moderates within the Congress so as to end their isolation during the non-cooperation movement.

Politics of Religious Hate-Beyond the Bills

Politics of Religious Hate Beyond the Bills Anil Nauriya WHATEVER the merits or otherwise of the legislation on .'religion and polities', whose consideration has now been deferred, it was not only a tactical but also a factual error to have described the legislation as intended 'to delink religion and politics'. This description has been repeatedly used by government spokesmen: the union min- ister for parliamentary affairs resorted to it again as recently as on August 30 while suggesting that there might be a special session of parliament to consider at least one of the bills.

The Earlier Turbulence-How the Emergency Hits Back

How the Emergency Hits Back Anil Nauriya The case of Jagmohan vs Mulgaonkar, etc, is a good illustration of the distortions that occur when institutions are systematically destroyed and of how the emergency still hits back in more ways than one.

What Chattisgarh Movement Means

Anil Nauriya The Chattisgarh movement led by Niyogi transcended in the question whether industrial workers or peasants and agricultural labourers have the major potential or historical precedence in terms of political organisation.

Indian National Congress-Its Place in Politics

Indian National Congress Its Place in Politics Anil Nauriya What has been the explicit and implicit first principles underlying the Congress ideological framework in the course of its history? To what extent has there been a nexus between this ideological framework and the politics of the party? And if this nexus has grown feeble or is non-existent, what is the relevance of the BJP's attack on the Congress ideological framework?

Foreign Exchange Flux A King s Ransom

Foreign Exchange Flux: A King's Ransom Anil Nauriya After more than 10 years of IMF-World Bank prescriptions and after these organisations have spent the entire 1980s praising this or that initiative of the government of India, it still does not occur to the latter that the present crisis may be attributable in part to these prescriptions themselves rather than solely to the regulatory mechanisms that are sought to be dislodged.

Reservations in Public Employment -Modified Mandal Scheme

Reservations in Public Employment Modified Mandal Scheme Anil Nauriya Instead of the spiralling competition over figures, it would help if some attention were given to ensuring that reservations, even if on a more modest scale, are (i) actually implemented and (ii) accompanied by other collateral socio-economic measures.

Moment of Truth for Janata Dal

Moment of Truth for Janata Dal Anil Nauriya The Janata Dal had raised expectations of a possible social and political transformation. Its electoral performance, and the political mistakes and miscalculations responsible for this, therefore evoke a sense of an opportunity lost. The situation is not irretrievable, however.


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