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Quality of Working Life-Some Issues in the Indian Context

Some Issues in the Indian Context Anil K Sengupta The paper argues that the concept of quality of working life is much more broad-based than what Us promoters in India have tended to project. The concept encompasses within itself not only better designed jobs but also several other inter-related elements. Any attempt to improve quality of working life that overlooks this basic fact is bound to fail. The paper also argues that the question of improving the quality of working life in developing countries like India would have to be considered not in relation to only some selective aspects of the development process such as the type of technology or work organisation used but in relation to the entire strategy of development of these countries.

Workers Needs and Expectations and Strategies of Motivation The Indian Case

While it is agreed that the motivation of Indian workers for work is low, opinion is divided on the question of how to increase it. While some scholars have stressed the need for adequate satisfaction of workers' primary needs, others have advocated for satisfaction of workers' higher order needs througfi participative work redesign.

Government as Employer

Siberia to which the paper particularly relates. One has, however to be careful enough to note that Siberia as a region is a very different proposition from regions as understood elsewhere and that Siberia could easily be divided for planning purposes into a number of sub-regions, each large than many independent countries. There i.s also the fact that there are no effective regional conflicts m the decision-making process in that area, either among the sub-regions internally or vis-a-vis the national economy.

Growth of a Disciplined Labour Force-A Case Study of Social Impediments

A Case Study of Social Impediments Gouranga Chattopadhyay Anil K Sengupta This paper attempts to show that though certain features of our changing social structure are favourable to the creation of a stable workforce, the administration of such a workforce is not without problems.

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