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That the Extent of Internal Market is Limited by International Division of Labour and Relations of Production

by International Division of Labour and Relations of Production Andre Gunder Frank This paper takes account of a number of theoretical questions posed in classical and neo-classical economic analysis and in modern bourgeois attempts to find more progressive solutions to them.

World Crisis, Class Struggle and 1984

World Crisis, Class Struggle and 1984 Andre Gunder Frank WE are in a crisis and unless the class struggle goes our way, we are heading straight for 1984, the real 1984, much closer and much more real than that of Orwell. We have a lot of evidence and manifestations that there is a crisis: Watergate, the mis-called energy crisis, the financial crisis, the change from bipolarity to multi- polarity in Kissinger's world, and so on. I suggest that these are only the manifestations and that what is at the bottom of the crisis is that we are again in a major crisis of accumulation, which capitalist development has always witnessed. In order not to go back into history too far here

World Crisis and Latin America s International Options-A Note

Notes The estimations of energy consumption and comparisons are based on certain parameters. The per capita energy consumption ratio between the USA and India is 100 for electricity, it is 40 for oil and 10 for coal, non-commercial fuels are completely neglected. The ratio falls rapidly from the commercially advanced forms to the others.

Reflections on Green, Red and White Revolutions in India

and II George Allen and Unwin. Ferguson, G E (1060) 'The Relationship of Business Size to Stability: An Empirical Approach' Journal of Industrial Economics,

On Feudal Modes, Models and Methods of Escaping Capitalist Reality

by whom. Then again each selection would he an event by itself unrelated to any pattern; some committee would feel five years' experience was sufficient for such a post, some would think ten; some committee would feel three advance increments should be routine along with promotions, some that a promotion itself is enough advance. In short, the entire service would be in shambles.

Politics and Bias

Politics and Bias Politics and the Stages of Growth by W W Rostow; Cambridge University Press, 1971; pp xiii+410; Cloth $9.50; paper-back $3.95. A Bias for Hope: Essays on Development and Latin America by Albert O Hirschman; Yale University Press, 1971; pp x + 374; Cloth S 12.50.

The Wealth and Poverty of Nations-Even Heretics Remain Bound by Traditional Thought

Even Heretics Remain Bound by Traditional Thought Andre Gunder Frank In contrast to the view expressed in the foregoing article, the author of this article regards the modernity-tradition dichotomy as a liberal obfuscation. Liberals fail to, or do not wish to, see the historical relationship between so-called modernism and traditionalism which, unlike what even self- styled liberal heretics such as Myrdal, Galbraith and Rostow might say, are not distinct characteristics peculiar to particular regions of the world but are the result of an international system, which exploits many for the benefit of the few. What is commonly called modernity is the result of the creation and maintenance of the so-called traditional characteristics of Asia, Africa and Latin America.


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