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The Multiverse of Indian Ethics

Indian Ethics: Classical Traditions and Contemporary Challenges edited by Purushottama Bilimoria, Joseph Prabhu and Renuka Sharma (Delhi: Oxford University Press), 2008; pp 420 + Inex ,Hardcover, Rs 795.

Listening to an Israeli Reserve Soldier

An Israeli army reservist's take on the strife in the occupied Palestinian territories. A conversation in the Negv Desert.

Social Science: Dialogue for Revival

This paper takes an overview of a recently organised seminar at MIDS on the state of social science research in India. Besides focusing on the ills that beset social science research at present, more important was the realisation that social science had to be 're-rooted' in the light of everyday experience and the need for researchers to reach beyond the boundaries of their own discipline and arrive at a meaningful dialogue with other disciplines.

Ontology of Economic Life

Ontology of Economic Life Caring for Economics: An Aristotelian Perspective by Irene van Staveren; Routledge Pulishers, New York , ANANTA KUMAR GIRI In this path-breaking work, which won the Gunnar Myrdal Prize for 2000, Irene van Staveren provides us an alternative understanding of our identities and acivities as economic actors and our participation in economies as fields of activities. As economic actors we undertake meaningful activities of various kinds, not just for profit or utility maximisation as enunciated in neoclassical economics. Economy consists of three value domains and fields of meaningful activities

Democratic Transition and Challenge of Transformation

Transformation Ananta Kumar Giri The globalisation of democracy as a form of more legitimate representative government has not been accompanied by genuine efforts to tackle the problems of democracy, or efforts to widen the universe of democracy in accordance with the historical changes taking place in social systems and in the light of a desired agenda of transformation. This article presents some of the crucial gaps in the theory and practice of democracy and suggests ways to rethink democracy as a prelude to a genuine transformative engagement.

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