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Case against Nuclear Madness

a particular political ideology that influences the decision? Or is it more simply a question of obtaining funds to work in one's research area which coincides with the task-interests, as it were, of the sponsor? Or is one bored with the trivia of academic pursuits and thus THERE: are still many people who believe that nuclear energy is sale and desirable This scholarly review of the actual record of the nuclear estate in the west shows that such a viewpoint is quite baseless. Because the radiation from nuclear installations does not cause any immediately discernible health- hazard 'No immediate danger', therefore, becomes one of the advantageous factors for the pro nuke lobby. Even in case of nuclear accidents, 'No immediate danger' becomes an effective propaganda tool. Rosalie Bertell has marshalled a wealth of information to show the extremely dangerous, and wide spread nature of nuclear hazards and has ex posed the callousness, treachery, deceit practised by the nuclear estate. However, a very important weakness of this book has reduced its readability considerably except for part one, the wealth of information has been badly organised.

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