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Ethnicity, Religion, and Identity Politics among Tribes in Jharkhand

The underlying causes for the ethnic, religious, and political divides among the tribals of Jharkhand have been examined. Tribal leaders have failed in uniting the tribal society of Jharkhand, leading to divisive and fragmented politics among them. The tribal leaders of today need to realise and understand that any further divide will weaken their collective voice and identity.

Happy Days Are ‘Not’ Here!

The interest to create happiness in a gloomy world riddled with crises and turmoil appears to be the new agenda of international organisations. The artificial creation and representation of happiness from sample surveys could be problematic as it may not lead to genuine expression, but could lead to ignoring the larger structural and social determinants of health, well-being and happiness.

The 'Spittoon Syndrome'

The unsanitary and uncivilised act of spitting is a culture-specific syndrome. New strategies need to be designed to tackle this problem.

Banning Child Pornography

The government needs to find a mechanism to ban child pornography, and not pornography as a whole, without appearing to be a censoring filter for content on the internet. 

Menstruation, Purity and Right to Worship

The growing protest against temples that deny access to menstruating women should also challenge the institutionalisation of faith and the mediating power of the priest.

Politics of Assertion

Tribals in Jharkhand started their movement to preserve and protect their identity, culture and rights which led to the formation of Jharkhand in 2001. It was assumed by the masses that these leaders would work for the development of the state.

The Politics behind Jharkhand's Domicile Policy

The cynical manipulation of the state's people by Jharkhand's political class on the domicile policy issue is leading to resentment and distrust, especially between the tribals and non-tribals. These leaders are raking up the "outsiders" issue to divert attention from corruption and poor governance that they have subjected the state to.

Tribals in Jharkhand: Religion and Identity Politics

The recent controversy among Christian and non-Christian tribals over the portrayal of Mother Mary (statue) in Singpur village in Dhurwa near Ranchi, if not solved amicably, could have far reaching consequences for the social harmony of Jharkhand. 

Dealing with Mass Fatalities

The recent flash flood, cloudbursts and landslides in five districts of Uttarakhand pose serious questions about our preparedness to deal with mass fatality in India. Management of dead bodies in a proper and dignified manner is one of the most difficult aspects of disaster response.

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