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Enveloped in the Peace of the Dead

Nothing ever happens in the country to those who have pelf and power even as millions get pushed to the margins. Those like Natha in Peepli Live are enveloped in the peace of the dead!

Categorisation: A Poisonous Proposition

Dividing Dalits: Writings on Sub-Categorisation of Scheduled Castes edited by Yagati Chinna Rao

High Court's Verdict on Khairlanji: Justice Diminished

While commuting the death sentence of the six convicts in the Khairlanji dalit killings case to imprisonment for 25 years, the high court did not think there was a caste angle or that any planning was involved in the crime. Indeed, the Khairlanji murderers had almost managed a cover-up at the local level; the cracks appeared only as a result of public outrage. It is still rumoured locally that the kingpins have gone scot-free. The whole episode reveals, in a microcosm, the character of the state vis-à-vis dalits.

Counting Castes: Advantage the Ruling Class

If castes are counted in the 2011 census, it will be the second biggest blow to the emancipation project of the oppressed, the first being the Mandal reservations.

Modi Spews Caste Venom

Caste venom is embedded in the body politic of this country. The BJP occasionally spews it; the Congress successfully conceals it.

Maharashtra at 50: Celebration or Shame?

The idea of Maharashtra had nothing to do with Marathi parochialism. The radical tinge that resonated in the slogan "Samyukta Maharashtra, Socialist Maharashtra" implied that the new state was to favour the interests of workers, farmers, dalits and minorities, with Marathi merely providing the sociocultural glue in its shaping. Tragically, what Maharashtra has been reduced to by its leading, regressive politicians, is the very antithesis of what it was designed to be.

Mayawati's Mega Service to the Nation

There is nothing that is essentially novel in the accusations made against Mayawati by the elitist media. Whether it is misusing caste in electoral strategy, manipulating people along identities, feudal arrogance of power, corruption, vulgar display of money and muscle power, gross neglect of people, extraction of political rent, or flagrant misuse of public funds for self-promotion, in short, all that is seen as evil from the moral high ground, have been the normal practice of our political class over the last six decades.

One More Reservation

Reservation has proved to be a potent weapon in the hands of the ruling classes to control the political barometer and as a strategic tool to manipulate people. Our progressive automatons need to learn this basic fact. The women's reservation bill, in its current form, can benefit the major political parties, with a relatively larger feudal hold on the population, to get their women elected to a disproportionately larger number of reserved seats and improve their tally.

Swansong of the Sena and Cabaret of the Congress

The people gave a fitting reply by defying the Shiv Sena's threats to celebrities and "outsiders" over a number of deliberately created controversies. However, the state government as well as the centre failed to take advantage of this and only helped in feeding the Sena's false bravado. The media as well as Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar too played the Sena's game, each for their own ends.

Lumpen Polity and the Silence that Breeds Criminals

The following three incidents reflect the utter lumpenisation of the polity in India today: (1) the manhandling of Abu Asim Azmi, the Samajwadi Party MLA in the Maharashtra assembly by the newly elected MLAs of Raj Thackeray's Maharashtra Navnirman Sena while taking the oath in Hindi in defiance of the diktat of their leader; (2) the unearthing of the mind-boggling loot by Madhu Koda, the ex-chief minister of Jharkhand, a relatively minor politician belonging to a scheduled tribe, who could so diligently execute such a huge loot in such a short time; and (3) the grant of parole by the Delhi government to the infamous prisoner Manu Sharma, the killer of Jessica Lall, on the ground of ill health of his mother, and for running his business. And yet, these incidents are taken as normal occurrences in this country.

Capitalising on Calamity: 26/11 and Jingoist Politics

The multiple terror attacks episode in Mumbai on 26 November 2008 revealed the incompetence of the security agencies, evoked frenzied coverage by an elitist media and brought to the fore a jingoism that was milked by an opportunist polity. The first anniversary of the attacks brought forth more of the same.

Reservations within Reservations: A Solution

What is the solution to the problem of reservations for the scheduled castes where these are disproportionately cornered by a single sub-caste in every state?


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