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Puzzle of Declining Rural Foodgrains Consumption

The unabated decline in per capita consumption of foodgrains in India during the past few decades has become a matter of concern.


validity, it reflects the current mood of triumphalism on the Right and pessimism on the Left.
As we have seen, the Soviet system was a travesty of the socialist ideal which envisions a radically democratic polity, a highly productive and rationally managed economy, and an egalitarian social order. In this perspective, the demise of the pseudo-socialist Soviet regime could be seen as a blessing in disguise. However, the matter is a good deal more complicated than that. A large number of socialists who had no illusions about the Soviet Union, nevertheless, viewed it as a strategically significant entity; 'The Soviet Union needed to be there as a defective model so that, with one eye on it, we could construct a better one. It created a non- capitalist space in which to think about socialism" [Cohen 1992, p 5]. It is the loss of a viable alternative to capitalism, however inadequate it might have been, which induces pessimism.

Agricultural Growth in West Bengal in the 1980s-A Disaggregation by Districts and Crops

A Disaggregation by Districts and Crops Anamitra Saha Madhura Swaminathan From 1965 through 1980, the growth of agricultural production in West Bengal was low, and much lower than in the rest of the country. The situation changed distinctly in the 1980s, Agricultural growth accelerated and West Bengal did better than other eastern states and the rate of growth of foodgrain production was the highest among 17 major states in the country.

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