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Clinical Trial-Related Injury

This article provides a detailed critique of the formulae to provide compensation to subjects of clinical trials who may suffer serious adverse effects during their participation. The present formulae used by the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization display a lack of medical ethics and disregard the accepted norms.

Undeniable Violations and Unidentifiable Violators

The Human Papillomavirus vaccine "demonstration projects" conducted by a United States non-governmental organisation in collaboration with the Indian Council of Medical Research were suspended by the central government in 2010, following the deaths of seven tribal girls and pressure from civil society groups. An enquiry committee constituted to look into the "alleged irregularities" in the conduct of these projects has given its final report. Despite evidence of clear violations, however, the committee has absolved all involved in the project of responsibility.

Obituary: Thakor Shah

Thakor Shah AMAR JESANI, VIBHUTI PATEL ment and the ideological commitments of At a time when the nation needs people who could keep alive the secular conscience of Gujarat, the passing away of Thakor Shah on April 10, 2004 in Vadodara due to massive heart attack has come as a big jolt. He died while participating in the meeting of the network of social movements in Gujarat. Of the 76 years he lived, he spent over 60 years in public life, making personal sacrifices, fearlessly withstanding all attacks

Morbidity among Women in Mumbai City-Impact of Work and Environment

Impact of Work and Environment Neha Madhiwalla Amar jesani This paper reports a study of the morbidity of a small population in Mumbai city. The results point to a strong relationship between women's work lives and their health. It also points to the need to understand and integrate the labour of women in producing children and raising them, in keeping the household running in any exploration of women's health status.

Slippery Slopes of Nazi Medicine

Slippery Slopes of Nazi Medicine Amar Jesani When Medicine Went Mad: Bioethics and the Holocaust edited by Arthur L Caplan; Humana Press, Totowa. New Jersey, 1992; pp 359.

Women and Abortion

Women and Abortion Amar Jesani Aditi Iyer Women and their right to determine their sexuality, fertility and reproduction are consideration that have seldom, if ever, been taken into account in the formulation of policies related to abortion THROUGH the broad sweep of history, women have practised various forms of birth control and abortion. These practices have generated intense moral, ethical, political and legal debates since abortion is not merely a medico-technical issue but "the fulcrum of a much broader ideological struggle in which the very meanings of the family, the state, motherhood and young women's sexuality are con tested" [Petchesky R P, 1986: vii].

Repression of Health Professionals

a discussion of the link of such taxation with agricultural development and poverty, World Development Report, 1990: Poverty, Oxford University Press, pp 56-58. 3 For the most important recent studies, see Henk Hobbelink, Biotechnology and the Future of World Agriculture, Zed Books, London, 1991 and The Laws of Life: Another Development anfl the New Biotech nofogies', special issue of Development Dialogue, 1988: 1-2. 4 Karl Marx, Capital, Volume 3 International Publishers, New York 1967) pp 631, 617.

Nurses as Women

Amar Jesani Conflicts and Adjustments: Indian Nurses in an Urban Milieu by Ranjana Raghavachari; Academic Foundation, Delhi, 1990; pp 292, Rs 290 (hardcover).

Limits of Empowerment-Women in Rural Health Care

Women in Rural Health Care Amar Jesani Empowerment of women through work participation is fast emerging as a slogan for the 1990s. However, merely increasing work participation does not in itself lead to empowerment in a situation where not only does the labour market favour men over women, but the division of labour within occupations is sex-biased. Perhaps the best illustration of the impact of genderisation on women's empowerment is seen in health care This article investigates the condition of the auxiliary nurse midwife as a case in point.

Medicine at Risk-Health Professional as Abuser and Victim

Health professionals are often involved, one way or another, in incidents of state torture. By participating in such acts they grossly violate several national and international codes of ethics. How can this abuse of human rights by health professionals be prevented? Equally importantly, how can doctors be protected from being coerced by the state to participate in torture? A report of the recent Amnesty International seminar on the subject.

Eradicate Tuberculosis, Not TB Beds

Amar Jesani Three wards with 230 beds have been closed down in the only TB hospital run by the Municipal Corporation of Greater Bombay, without any public debate or even public disclosure by the corporation of the reasons for its action. If this arbitrary action of the corporation is not challenged, it will set a dangerous precedent in public health care in Bombay.

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