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Green Revolution Contrasts Rice and Wheat

Green Revolution Contrasts: Rice and Wheat Amal Krishna Dey The success of the so-called green revolution has been a matter of controversy. A common view is that the revolution has been a success in the wheat areas, but not in the rice areas. The question, however, needs to be examined statistically with a trend analysis of different crops in different regions.

Rates of Growth of Agriculture and Industry

Amal Krishna Dey This paper takes a fresh look at the discussion on the rates of growth of agriculture and industry in the light of the data which has become available up to the end of the Fourth Plan.

Crop Allocation Patterns-Spurious Quadratic Cost Curves

Spurious Quadratic Cost Curves Amal Krishna Dey Ashok Rudra In an earlier article the authors presented some results of a test carried out for the hypothesis of al- locative efficiency of Indian farmers. The present paper makes further refinements in the test.

A Test of Hypothesis of Rational Allocation under Cobb-Douglas Technology

states and communist parties will, however, in the long run cost them dear. Imperialism has been, and will in future too, exploit the sharp differences and contradictions between socialist states resulting from their intensely nationalistic postures. They must heed the warning of the Vietnamese communists contained in the above quoted Nhan Dan editorial:

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