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Two Famous Bengali Scientists-Some Personal Memories

An account of the author's personal encounters with Satyen Bose and P C Mahalanobis, whose birth centenary falls this year.
THIS year marks the birth centenary of three famous Bengali scientists, Meghnad Saha, Satyen Bose' and Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis, and has occasioned many types of writings about them, 1 had the opportunity of seeing Bose and Mahalanobis from close quarters for some time. Saha I had seen from a distance only once in 1939 (or 1940?) when he was the chief guest in the annual re-union dinner of the Dhaka Hall of the Dhaka University.

Hindutvavads Political Agenda

IN the context of the present turmoil in India, it is of the greatest importance to understand the fundamental difference between traditional communalism and Hindutvavad, even the 'aggressive Hindutvavad', of today. Communalism, except for the Muslim League variety on the eve of independence; was hitherto, based on the politics of bargaining within the existing system for a better position and greater benefits. Hindutvavad of today, by contrast, is aiming at the capture of power through some sort of a coup with a view to fundamentally altering the character of the polity, that is, to shift from the present, at least formally participatory, democracy to a form of authoritarian system, in which power will be the relatively exclusive preserve of the upper caste Hindu minority who form the main base of the affluent elite. This segment will possibly later bargain with the elitist elements from other religions, castes and ethnic communities for sharing power with them as subordinate partners within a conservative and authoritarian polity.

WEST BENGAL- Shift in Political Alignment

At this critical juncture, its potential role as the central fulcrum of national opposition to the bankrupt Congress(I) regime demands some very important remoulding of the CPI(M)'s style of work and rule in West Bengal.

Countering the Sangh Parivar -Combining Punitive Measures with Ideational Offensive

Combining Punitive Measures with Ideational Offensive Ajit Roy However desperately and violently may the RSS camp strive to transform this country of great ethnic and religious diversities into a 'Hindu rashtra' of its conception, it will never succeed in that game

Links in a Chain to Curb Democracy

Ajit Roy The Lok Sabha speaker's blatantly partisan ruling on the 12 defecting Janata Dal MPs reflected, consciously or otherwise, the growing search among the ruling elite for a more pliant political milieu in the interests of the ongoing 'economic reform'.

WEST BENGAL-Competition in Low Politics

WEST BENGAL Competition in Low Politics Ajit Roy The sordid fall-out of the assembly by-election from the Ballygunge constituency in Calcutta brought out in all its luridness the state of West Bengal politics today as it is shaped by the CPI(M) and the Congress, the two leading political parties.

Tirupati Congress Session Some Reflections

Reflections Ajit Roy The gorgeous show at the temple town, intended to be a historic turning-point, ended in a series of undefined compromises on all essential issues.

Swedish Model of Socialism

Ajit Roy Whatever their subjective commitment to the socialist goals, whatever their, proclaimed abhorrence of reformist aims and whatever their success in improving the living standards of the working people, Scandinavian social democracy in general and its Swedish contingent in particular have not contributed anything owards a radical restructuring of their respective countries.

WEST BENGAL-BJP s Rise as a Mass Force

blessings of the Kanchi Shankaracharya before launching her campaign. This, on the one hand. On the other hand, she constantly invoked the name of E V Ramasamy Periyar and thereby claimed the heritage of the Dravidian movement. It is tempting to recall here what Kuthoosi Gurusamy, a prominent Dravida Kazhagam leader of yesteryears once remarked about Brahminism: that even if there were to be an independent sovereign Dravidian state, with Periyar as its president, the first people to welcome him would be the Brahmins! Gurusamy was particularly sensitive to the co-opting dynamic that seems to have been a salient aspect of Brahminism since the days of the Buddha, and the recent events in Tkmil Nadu have proved him right.

Towards a Realignment of Social Forces

Towards a Realignment of Social Forces Ajit Roy It is something of an irony that prospects, however vague, of the resuscitation of a Nehruvian perspective of development have opened up only with the fading away of the dynastic rule of the Nehru family.

Lok Sabha Elections Major Issues

water gets highly contaminated. In view of these adverse socio-economic and ecological considerations the policy on sugar factories and sugarcane cultivation needs to be radically reviewed; otherwise these activities would become a severe drag on the State's agricultural and rural development.

German Unification The Other Side

Ajit Roy As the early romanticism of the East-West honeymoon in Germany wears out, the bulk of the population in the eastern part will gradually wake up to the reality of a polarised class society. That will certainly offer wide opportunities for the new left to grow


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