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Perceptions of Kashmir

The Kashmir problem has become a monster and nobody knows how to handle it in a balanced manner. It is yet to be understood in its totality and is instead analysed in bits and pieces everywhere, especially in the media.

Kashmir’s Women Stone Pelters—A Dangerous Defiance

The present conflict in Kashmir has forced women to actively, directly and visibly display their defiance to the current state of affairs.

Re-reading the Field in Conflict Zones: Experiences from Kashmir Valley

This article explores how a conflict zone complicates research. Safety and security of the researchers are major concerns, whereas respondents tend to provide incorrect information based on their perceptions of and suspicions about the researcher. The resultant research often provides little insight into the chosen area; instead, it ends up providing broad generalisations and even, baseless theories. The author who conducted fieldwork on “Muslim Endowments and Society” in the valley, also interviewed 20 fellow researchers who worked in the valley between 2009 and 2013.

Human Face of Banking

R ecently I went to a bank to update my passbook. The machine could not update all my entries so I went back to the official concerned. Very reluctantly and after much pleading he updated it on his system. While I was there one elderly lady approached him with the same request.

There Are No Wholesale Answers

The monster of media trial in almost every matter in a democratic country, along with the efforts to turn a complicated term like sedition to common sense and everyday use and communalising academic spaces, is a dangerous trend.

AFSPA and Clash of Realities in Kashmir

The Manik Sarkar government’s decision to revoke the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (AFSPA) in Tripura was hailed in public and intellectual circles. The fallout, as expected, was the revival of the demand for revoking the Armed Forces (Jammu and Kashmir, J&K) Special Powers Act.

OBCs and Equity in Reservations

The recommendation by the National Commission for Backward Classes for dividing Other Backward Classes (OBC) on the basis of their actual backwardness may benefit a few more other than the “creamy layer.” However, such a move will further complicate the delivery of affirmative action, which may h

Theorising AAP's Victory -- II

This time in Delhi it was not any group which had been bought for votes that constituted the winning party’s support base. The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) recorded a sweeping victory because the informed masses made the broom win.


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